River Valley Mulch & Hardscape Materials

Quality Control Processes

We use 100% environmentally friendly recycled wood materials in our mulch production. All wood is  processed through our 35 ton horizontal grinder until it meets exact size specifications. After the wood material is ground it is passed through a series of super powerful magnetic head pulley conveyors that separate any iron type metals or nails from the mulch.

After grinding is complete the mulch is colored utilizing an advanced computer aided ink application system that can color up to 150 cubic yards of mulch per hour.  River Valley Mulch produces a variety of incredibly beautiful color enhanced dyed mulch including popular Red, Brown, Gold and Black colors for modern decorative landscape applications.  

Is Colored Mulch Safe?

We use Color-Biotics Safe Ink.  The colorants in our  colored mulch are safe for people, animals, and the environment. In fact, recent independent laboratory studies looked at colored mulch very closely to determine its toxicity.

In the studies, toxicity is tested using a variety of reaction types.  The results place the colorant used in colored mulch into the lowest and safest level of toxicity possible — Category IV ― the same level as the sugar you put in your coffee (which is not to say we recommend consuming it). By contrast, table salt and baking soda have higher levels of toxicity.

Products Available

Colored Mulch:   Rich Red, Coffee Brown,  Cypress Gold, Black

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Colored Cedar Mulch: Red, Brown, Black

Bark: Pine, Hardwood

Compost:  Clean Composted Hardwood

Hardscape Materials:   Lava Rock, Colorado River Rock

Diatomaceous Earth  -

Diatomaceous Earth kills by physical action, not chemical. First by being abrasive to the insects exoskeleton and absorbing its body fluids, thus posing no harm to warm-blooded life. In fact Diatomaceous earth is a common additive in animal feed to reduce bugs. Diatomaceous earth does not contain chemicals harmful to the environment and to higher forms of life, to which insects become immune -- it is a natural insecticide. Diatomaceous Earth means death to certain insects. Moreover, on any surface, this natural product products has a remarkable repellency factor. As long as it is present, insects tend to stay away.